Flights From Victoria Falls After The Rehabilitation of Binga Airstrip

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The rehabilitation of Binga airstrip and others across Zimbabwe has started in an effort aimed at improving accessibility especially in tourism areas to boost the economy. Binga airstrip is located on the edge of the Zambezi River west of Binga Centre, and a few hundred metres away from one of the sand beaches, making it strategic for tourism.

“Rehabilitation of Binga airstrip is not the only one to be repaired but all airstrips as we are actually trying to resuscitate and rehabilitate them so that we then resonate well with the bigger picture of vision 2030 and also to promote tourism,” he said while speaking in a recent interview during a tour of his ministry’s infrastructure in Victoria Falls.

Binga is a tourism destination sitting on untapped tourism opportunities especially with regards to sand beaches that are not being fully utilized on the Zambezi River. With investment, the beaches can become Binga’s tourism draw-card for recreation, leisure and sport.

The district has potential to attract thousands of tourists but lacks the necessary infrastructure for the drive, hence the government’s commitment to develop the area. Other activities and attractions available in Binga, which have potential to transform the areas are hot springs, wildlife, fishing, boating, crocodile farming and cultural activities.

However, the distance from other towns and a poor road network make it difficult for tourists to visit the area. Rehabilitating the airstrip, which is managed by the District Development Fund (DDF) on behalf of the government, will make Binga attractive as a destination as some light aircraft could fly directly to the area.

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