Snared Female Buffalo Saved In Victoria Falls

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A local Conservation charity – The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust (VFWT) has rescued a buffalo that had a wire snare around her back right leg.

According to a post on their Facebook page, the operation that took place earlier this week (Tuesday) saw their team on horseback first separate the buffalo from a small herd then dart it to remove the snare.

VFWT said they were able to clean the wound even though it had some infection.

“The wound was pretty infected but we were able to clean it out and treat the infection.  We expect the animal to recover”, said VFWT on the Facebook post.



According to another post on their page, the organization’s wildlife veterinarian Dr. Chris Foggin managed to dart and rescue a warthog, also caught in a wire snare.

“Fortunately the wire had not cut in too deep.  After removing the wire, they reversed the immobilization medications and he headed off back into the bush.”


Veterinarian Dr Foggin (left) and a park ranger removing a snare from a wounded warthog.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust’s mission is to actively advance and promote environmental conservation and the sustainable use of indigenous resources in Southern Africa, with snare removal being a major activity under their rescue and rehabilitation programs.

The COVID – 19 pandemic has put extra strain on wildlife conservation activities as illegal poaching has been on the rise, fortunately, VFWT works together with its various partners to help alleviate this problem.

You can visit to see how you get involved and help out!

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