Vic Falls City Council driver arrested for poaching

Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) running with a yellow-billed oxpecker (Buphagus africanus) on its back, Tsavo, Coast, Kenya
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A VICTORIA Falls City Council driver who hit a warthog while driving a municipal vehicle, skinned it and took the meat home for consumption has been arrested for poaching.

Clemence Ncube (47) of Chinotimba was driving home around 11PM on February 22 when he hit a warthog in Aerodrome suburb.

Ncube loaded the wild animal into the vehicle and drove home where he prepared it for meat.

He was arrested following investigations and police found warthog meat at Ncube’s house leading to his arrest for removing any animal, any part of animal from any land or from one place to another without a permit.

He pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Linda Dzvene.

Ncube was fined $20 000 or be sent to jail for three months if he fails to pay the fine by May 28.

Prosecuting, Mr Asher Chindedza said: “On the 22nd day of February 2021 the accused person removed warthog fresh meat from Aerodrome area. Police through investigations recovered warthog fresh meat from the accused home,” said the prosecutor.

The meat weighed 15kg and was valued at US$1 000.


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