A potentially explosive piece of drama could be unfolding in Victoria Falls after the city’s Mayor Councillor Somveli Dlamini unilaterally suspended Town Clerk Ronnie Dube chiefly for alleged abuse of office.

Dlamini served Dube with the suspension letter Wednesday morning.

The letter, dated April 28, 2021, is signed by Dlamini was copied to Local Government Minister July Moyo as well as Matabeleland North Minister of State Richard Moyo.

“It appears to me there are acts of misconduct or omission inconsistent with the fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of your contract or duties that needs to be investigated.

“It is prudent that you are suspended from duty and office of Town Clerk in order to pave way for investigations which, when concluded, will guide council on the course of action to take.

“Accordingly, by copy of this letter, I suspend you from office in terms of Section 139(3) (a) of the Urban Council Act Chapter 29:15 with immediate effect and the suspension is without salary or benefit as encapsulated in the same Act.

“For the avoidance of doubt, you are required to surrender immediately the council vehicle, laptop and cell phone allocated to you to the office of the Mayor.

“You will not be allowed to report for duty, enter any council premises or purport to act on behalf of council to clients or employees during your suspension period nor to canvas otherwise from councillors or council employees or any other person acting on behalf of council.”

Other councillors were yet to be formally informed about the suspension Wednesday, raising suspicion the decision could be fuelled by personal and in-house fights that have been going on between Dube and Dlamini.

Dube joined the municipality in 2016 replacing Christopher Dube who had been snatched by Bulawayo City Council and council renewed his contract in October last year.

During his tenure, the council attained city status and managed to wrestle water management rights from Zinwa.

Coincidentally, Dlamini himself was last year suspended by his then MDC party and also suffered a vote of no confidence from the city’s other councillors before Minister July reinstated him.


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